Chelsea LeAnn, Who?

Hey friend, or soon to be friend. My name is Chelsea, which I’m fairly certain you’ve learned by now. However under most circumstances I prefer to be called Chels. I think introducing myself through a screen is super weird, and kinda difficult to do. I guess for now that is the best we’ve got so here we go. I am 19 years old, I’ll be 20 in late July (whoop) and I am currently pursuing a dual cognate degree at Liberty University. My majors are Christian Leadership and Christian Counseling.

Often times when I tell people I go to Liberty, the question follows…. “how are you still in Georgia?” and the answer is because I chose to pursue my degree online. I also have had many questions about why I chose to do that instead of going onto a campus for the real “college experience”. Here’s what I’ll say about a college experience, overrated. I understand that college is the prime time for bad decisions, trust me I do. Here’s another thing I really understand, fruit grows rapidly from obedience. God called me to stay home and serve my local church, so that is exactly what I have been doing (more on this to come later, this is like a first date so let’s not linger on one topic too long).

Why spend so much time serving the church? Because that is where I am called. I discovered my calling to ministry when I was just wrapping up my Junior year of high school through missionary work and some really wise mentors. Speaking of mentors, you’ll hear a lot more about them later. When I was in the 10th grade, the church I attend now opened, and I was drawn in off the bat.

Unlike most people where I live, the Bible Belt as some call it, I did not grow up being very involved in a church. I went to VBS each summer at my grandparents church and yeah HATED it. Yet the Lord kept chasing my heart. At a very young age, I would stand in the middle of the living room and give “motivational speeches” and explain to my family members who probably weren’t listening that they could do and become whatever they wanted in this life, that they were unstoppable. I would tell my friends at school the same thing, a natural born leader is what I had been called. Not until my Senior year of high school did I realize what was actually going on.

God instilled in my from a very young age very many pastoral qualities. Hear me out, I was giving motivational speeches (sermons), I wanted to be a teacher (pastor), I always like organizing everything (leading), and I never knew why because my disconnect was the Lord. I didn’t see the calling he had placed on my life because I didn’t see him clearly. However when I got connected to my local church and became equipped to serve where I was called, it all made sense.

That’s also why I stayed home for school. They offered me a really cool opportunity.

Now, here are 10 fun facts about me that should either weird you out or deeply interest you. I’m cool with either of those options.

  1. I am obsessed with all things Lavender
  2. I have to eat Gluten-Free (bummer)
  3. I have a pet rat named Wayne
  4. I eat bee pollen
  5. I value bees more than most things (ask me about this, or ill write on it later)
  6. I’m an 8w7 on the Enneagram
  7. My favorite Jelly Bean is the black licorice flavor
  8. Zaxby’s IS BETTER than Chick-fil-a (sorry bout it)
  9. Longhorn is the best steakhouse (totally unbiased(; )
  10. I firmly believe flights are better to catch than feelings

Hope you enjoyed this random quick get to know me! See ya soon

xoxo, Chels

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